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CyberCentral 2019

On April 4th and 5th I had the honour to participate in the 2019 CyberCentral Summit in Prague. A conference brilliantly organized by Michaela Stranovska and Alexander Nevski of EBCG. It is the first big conference I attend in Prague although this is the city I live in the last five years!!!

The conference was nicely balanced. The content included some very technical presentations such as Milan Pikula's presentation about the lack of security in IoT and Solomon Sonya's "Securing the perimeter - one IDS at a time".

Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure 4.0

On 26th and 27th of March I was invited to participate in the [Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure 4.0 https://www.cybersenate.com/new-events/2019/3/26/critical-infrastructure-cyber-security] conference organized by Cyber Senate in Amsterdam. It was a very nice conference, organized brilliantly by Alex Matthews and James Nesbitt. Chris Blask was in charge of the coordination of the conference, and we all enjoyed a nice flow of the talks, panels and breaks.

GISD 2018 - Spring Edition

On Thursday, the 31st of May I was invited to participate in a panel discussing artificial intelligence and machine learning. The event, Geneva Information Security Day 2018, was organized by High Tech Bridge. If you don't already know High Tech Bridge, it's a Geneva - based security company which constantly gets awards and recognition for their AI technology. Just this week, High-Tech Bridge's ImmuniWeb was named the Winner in "Best usage of Machine Learning / AI" category at SC Awards Europe 2018.

Bsides Hannover 2017

In March 2017 I visited Hannover in Germany for the Security BSides conference. My first Bsides. I had the opportunity to present one of my favourite subjects, how security can help business grow. The venue was nice, and the presentations were very interesting and some of them eye-opening. Overall I really enjoyed the conference; the setup and organisation was very good and all the participants were friendly. That helped having interesting discussions; always useful if you are eager to learn more things and see other peoples' perspectives.