What do you think this is?

just thoughts of a restless mind...

Preparing for CRISC

I enjoy learning new things. Everyone who knows me can attest to that. I also have fun taking tests and quizzes. So it's not a surprise that I always try to find ways to combine these two activities.

I have pursued one academic degree per decade (approximately). I got my BSc in 1993, my MSc in 2000 and my MBA in 2007. Maybe it's time for another academic degree, but it's getting more and more difficult due to time constraints and, of course, the fact that I'm getting old. Not to mention the cost.

Studying again

Whoever knows me can tell you: I enjoy learning. I enjoy it so much that I'm always looking for opportunities to learn more on any random subject that I find interesting. Lately, i.e. the last 2 or three years, I find psychology to be very interesting. I was even thinking of taking a degree in psychology and information security (aka social engineering :)) but with my work schedule it seems to be a difficult task. Let's park this thought...