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Oracle Cloud challenges

I love challenges, and working with Oracle products has always been a challenge for me. This love/hate relationship started ~20 years ago when I could not set up the first version of Oracle Internet Directory, following the documentation word by word! I had to “fix” several scripts to make it install, and in the end, even though it installed, it still wouldn’t work… It was the only product I cared enough to remember that failure after so many years. Or maybe, the only product I failed to tame.

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Risk understanding and coronavirus

Risk understanding and coronavirus

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak there are lots of voices saying that we shouldn’t care so much - especially if we haven’t vaccinated for the flu which shows a lack of diligence on our side.

That could not be more wrong! People who say that understand ZERO about risk management, and since my social bubble is mostly security and risk management people, I find that very alarming.

Let me explain:

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Long time no write

Indeed I know I haven’t posted for long. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, but I’m trying to find a balance between posting something about things I know, and making sure the readers do not necessarily assume that this is how we do things in SUSE.

Getting there…

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