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just thoughts of a restless mind...

Oracle Cloud challenges

I love challenges, and working with Oracle products has always been a challenge for me. This love/hate relationship started ~20 years ago when I could not set up the first version of Oracle Internet Directory, following the documentation word by word! I had to "fix" several scripts to make it install, and in the end, even though it installed, it still wouldn't work... It was the only product I cared enough to remember that failure after so many years. Or maybe, the only product I failed to tame.

An interesting January

That was an interesting January!

Some history first: I started working full time when I finished my military service in 1994. Between 1994 and 1998 I had two simultaneous jobs. From 1998 up to 2000 I had one job and I was studying for my MSc part-time. Starting 2001 and up to 2007 I had again two jobs while from 2007 up to 2010 I had one full time job and was studying for my MBA (distance learning).

Sailing as an infosec lesson

Last Thursday I took my CRISC exams and - the restless person I am - I had already arranged to take sailing classes over the weekend. I always wanted to take sailing classes, and I had gone sailing once several years ago when I was still living in Greece. My idea was that when I grow old I will buy a small sailing boat and sail around my beloved Crete.