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CyberCentral 2019

On April 4th and 5th I had the honour to participate in the 2019 CyberCentral Summit in Prague. A conference brilliantly organized by Michaela Stranovska and Alexander Nevski of EBCG. It is the first big conference I attend in Prague although this is the city I live in the last five years!!!

The conference was nicely balanced. The content included some very technical presentations such as Milan Pikula's presentation about the lack of security in IoT and Solomon Sonya's "Securing the perimeter - one IDS at a time".

It also included diversity issues such as Eliza May Austin's discussion about the "Ladies of London Hacking Society". zScaler was represented by Mariusz Baczynski and I had the opportunity to catch up with old acquaintances, among which Rainer Rehm who this time presented about the transition "From DevOps to DevSecOps".

On the strategy track, the role play from Komitas Stepanyan and Ara Chalabyan about "Overcoming communication barriers between technical and the C-Suite" was not only useful, but also refreshing - considering the time it was delivered.

I delivered a presentation, showcasing some of the strategic decisions one has to make on the road to build an Incident Response Function. My presentation is as always available although without the script, it loses value and maybe context. Lesson to self: next time I will try to find a way to add the script as well.

This was a conference worth participating in, and I will try my best to make it next time too!