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On a bike again!

It is almost 4 years since I moved to Prague. It is almost 4 years since I got on a bike last time. Maybe a couple of rides in summers at my parents' house, but that's all. Eventually, and since I have some storage space now at my home, I decided to buy a bicycle. So here it's me, on a bike again!

Of course, having a bike and actually biking are two very different things! Because after 4 years, I'm struggling to bike more than 10 kilometers. Which is good, and if I have a friend with me or a target I may even do 20, but it's nothing compared to the 40 and 50 I was doing 4 years ago :( Still, there is some room for improvement there!

Another thing is that when you get a house on the top of the hill, all is nice. You (may) have a nice view, clean air, trees around and so on. But when you decide to bike, you realize that it gets really challenging! Every bike ride ends with an uphill... I 'll get used to it, but right now, it is difficult.

All in all I'm happy to be on a bike again. And I look forward to reaching my previous performance and endurance!