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Goal: meet my brother

Goal: meet my brother

In general I am a very efficient and organized person. Slightly OCD most probably, I want things to be organized; my pictures in the same dimensions, the folders categorized evenly. My drawers have my stuff clearly seperated.
Most of the time…

Sometimes though, I’m not like that. My computer files are usually lying around. I do have the structure, because my OCD doesn’t let me not to. But I’m too in a hurry when I create something, that putting it in the right place is just not a priority. And then it stays in the wrong place until I do a cleanup and move everything where it belongs.

And some, few times, I’m not like that AT ALL! These few times I’m a total disaster.

I have been blessed to have as my brother one of the best photographers I know. Obviously, since he’s my brother I’m slightly biased; but if you have a look at his pictures you will realize that I’m telling the truth.
And then, once in a while I need a pretty picture for one of my presentations or pet projects. Like the one I have in my article about management which I like very much.

Always, and I mean always, I remember or realize that I need the picture way too late, making things too complicated or even impossible…

Reminder to self:
This coming Easter, spend some time with my brother to locate some pictures for cases like this.

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